Daily Claims

Whether your company is responding to a house damaged by wind or a factory put out of business from an electrical fire, you can rely on Mariposa for excellent claims services with high-quality results. We specialize in residential and commercial claims and we are equipped to handle each one quickly, efficiently and accurately to save you time and money. With the best-trained adjusters in the industry and our award-winning Mariposa Claims Management System (MCMS), we have the ability to manage all of your daily claims regardless of size or severity. As a leader in the industry, we pride ourselves on managing every claim with a dedication to excellence that has become synonymous with our company's name.

Casualty & Liability Claims

Claims made regarding personal loss or injury can be understandably emotional, so need to be handled quickly and thoroughly, but also with compassion. When you hire Mariposa to investigate a casualty or liability claim on behalf of an individual or a company, we will do so in a detailed, expedient and professional manner. Once the investigation is complete, we will promptly return the file to you to settle the claim, or we will negotiate settlements and authorize payments if you prefer.

"Mariposa, its claims management system and staff have performed above all expectation. Their professionalism and commitment to serving our customers, combined with their web-based claims management system, have streamlined the claims process, resulting in more timely settlements, file closures and satisfied insureds. We at Aspen have found that having instant access to file information has made us more efficient in managing our claim load, which in turn has translated into a happier insured or satisfied claimant."

Chris Parker, Senior Casualty Examiner Aspen Specialty Insurance Company

Property Claims

Mariposa provides you with a superior network of experienced adjusters and highly trained home-office employees to ensure proper and timely handling of any type of residential or commercial property claim. Each investigation is handled quickly and thoroughly. With experience managing commercial property claims in all industries, including Agriculture, Chemical, Transportation, Aviation, Heavy Equipment and Marine, Mariposa is your single source for claims support, regardless of specialty.

It's The People That Make The Difference

When it comes to investigating daily claims, we know that innovative systems are only as good as the people who use them and at Mariposa those people are the very best in the business. We hire the finest adjusters available and require them to attend on-going training in claims handling. When a Mariposa adjuster is working on your claims, we promise that their professionalism will preserve your reputation with your customers and their decisions will save you time and money.

The Best Automated Systems In The Industry

During the course of our investigation, we keep you informed of the progress through our Mariposa Claims Management System (MCMS). This fully automated approach allows us to manage the entire claims process quickly and efficiently. Once a claim is received, it is promptly entered into MCMS. The insured is called automatically and all procedures are done in time to meet your requirements and those of your State's Department of Insurance. Throughout the process, all information is presented in real-time via Internet access. With MCMS, you can communicate directly with the adjuster and Mariposa management, upload necessary documents and add notes to the file. Your call center representatives are given access to the files so they can update the insured when he or she calls to inquire about a claim.

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